dr hab. Agnieszka Podstawczyńska, Assoc. Prof.
Department of Meteorology and Climatology
Faculty of Geographical Sciences
University of £ód¼
Narutowicza 88 (room 232)
90-139 £ód¼
Tel: +42-6655959
Fax: +42-6655951
Email: apodstaw@uni.lodz.pl; agnieszka.podstawczynska@geo.uni.lodz.pl 
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M.Sc., 1996, Earth Sciences (climatology and hydrology), University of £ód¼
Ph.D., 2004, Earth Sciences (climatology), University of £ód¼
Habilitation, 2013, Earth Sciences (climatology), University of £ód¼

Since 1 October 1996 at Department of Meteorology and Climatology, University of Lodz as:
1996-2004        assistant
2004-2015         senior assistant
2015-                  associate professor
2016-                  the Head of Doctoral Studies of Geographical Sciences

Research Interests

Solar irradiance with particular reference to UV irradiance:

- measurements of  global solar irradiance and UVA + UVB irradiance in an urban and rural area

- measurements of sunshine duration

Atmospheric radioactivity - Radon (Rn-222) in the air in Lodz and rural areas:

- meausrements of Rn-222 concentration in the atmosphere at a height of 2m above the ground

- meteorological conditions of radon concentration in the air layer near the groundin an urban and rural areas

- the impact of local and macroscale (Rn-222 transport of air masses) meteorological conditions on Rn-222 concentration levels in the lower troposphere

Urban climate and bioclimate:

- impact of the city on solar irradiation and human thermal sensation

- measurements of  global solar irradiance and UVA + UVB irradiance in an urban canyon

Dynamics and climate variability:

- contemporary changes in sunshine duration, air temperature and precipitation

- extreme weather (cold waves, heat waves)

Human biometeorology


- basic meteorology and climatology

- field classes in meteorology and atmospheric monitoring

- biometeorology

- the impact of weather on human health and life

- economic and social aspects of contemporary climate change

- supervision of BSc student projects (up to 2012 supervisor of 85  diploma theses)

International Association for Urban Climate
Polish Geophysiacal Society