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Graduated in physics (spec. physics of the atmosphere) in 1981 at Faculty of Physics at University of Warsaw.

Doctor thesis: "Relations of selected climate elements in Poland to atmospherical circulation at 500 hPa isobaric level" in 1991 at Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences at University of Lodz.

Qualifying thesis: "Impact of the atmospherical circulation over European-North Atlantic sector on spatial and temporal distribution of temperature and precipitation anomalies in Europe" in 2001 at Faculty of Geographical Sciences at University of Lodz.

Main scientific area:

  • Atmospherical circulation, its variability and trends and influence on other meteorological elements in Europe.
  • Contemporary climate changes.
  • Extreme meteorological events


Prof. dr hab. Joanna Wibig


tel. 48-42-6655957

fax. 48-42-6655951



Department of

Meteorology and Climatology

University of Lodz



Narutowicza 88

90-139 Lodz